Why a Termite Inspection is necessary?

YOU ARE NOT ALONE. Every year, thousands of home are susceptible to a termite invasion. There are just too many inaccessible areas in your house (or concealed areas in your house that's impractical to inspect). 

It takes a trained eye to see evidence of termite activity or conditions that could lead to an infestation. Call us to schedule a thorough inspection.

termite clearance

We also provide fast escrow inspection for realtors, lenders, investors in Laguna Niguel or Costa Mesa. A termite inspection report including a diagram of the property and findings of termites is provided after an inspection and pest control service may be recommended. A regular termite inspection is highly recommended periodically.

No job is too big. A church? Temple? a Condominium complex? Commercial Building? We will set it up for you. Schedule an inspection to tailor a termite control treatment plan.

We also provide subterranean termite treatment solutions. Subterranean termite colonies are huge. A typical colony may have 250,000 members. We have provided this service at a property in Trabuco Canyon. Inspections Santa Ana Tustin Irvine.

termite drill
termite damage on wall studs

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